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HandyRent is the innovative management software, created specifically for vehicle rental.

Simple, intuitive and efficient.
Reservations tableau
The reservation table is the essential tool for managing your rentals easily and efficiently.
Api integration
The HandyRent API integration allows direct communication between Your website and Our platform, ssimplifying the management of contact requests, online reservations , reviews and analytics.
Optimize operational efficiency by improving the experience of your customers and get a detailed view of the activities through analytical data .
Advanced statistics
The statistics section provides a comprehensive overview company performance so that you can optimize financial efficiency., with important details such as:
  • Revenue and Global Receipts
  • Global Costs
  • Detail for single medium, store, operator, agent
Costs and expiries management
The system makes it possible to keep control the financial performance of the fleet by managing, through the timely alerts, costs and deadlines.
We provide service fast and efficient 24/7
Thanks to the dedicated section you can submit a report in one click and be promptly contacted.
Other HandyRent features
Customer data
Handyrent offers you the creation of unlimited master data for your customers, allowing you to register all necessary data for the rental.

You will have a complete and accurate archive of your customers, simplifying the rental process and reducing check-in time .
Branch Management
Manage your branches and assign personalized access to your employees allowing them to rent easily the available vehicles.

Simple, intuitive and effective.
External Agents and Partners
Grant privileged access to External Agents and Partners and allow them to actively collaborate in the success of your business.

You will have the ability to set custom commissions, creating an environment conducive to partnership and mutual growth.
Custom price lists
Get the full control of the pricing of your vehicles . You can generate a custom price list based on the desired period.

This flexibility allows you to adjust prices and optimize revenue, ensuring an effective pricing strategy.
Compare Prices
A very powerful tool that allows you instant access to rates of your competitors with a simple click.

This allows you to have a complete overview of the offers on the market and develop an increasingly competitive pricing strategy.
Manage employees
Optimize resources and divide tasks efficiently: create unlimited master data by associating each employee with different branches, fleet of vehicles, all or just some software features.
Generate all the report you need for manage your company in the best possible way.

If the report you are looking for is not there we can easily customize it for you.
Sending Cargo data
Compliant with the new Cargos legislation, with HandyRent it is simple and reliable.

In a few clicks you can transfer data in a safe and fast to the Cargos system, guaranteeing rapid communication and accurate sync with the Ministry.
Manage fines
Our fines management feature allows you to record and track fines associated with your vehicles assigning them to a specific customer.
You will thus avoid lengthy searches and will be able to protect yourself by resolving the dispute quickly.
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